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Imagine a world where vast volumes of complex data are seamlessly interconnected and easily reusable. To help realize this aspiration, an international initiative began in 2014 to make data and online services findable, accessible, interoperable, and reusable (FAIR) for machines.

Years of experience has taught us that data FAIRification requires a broad range of expertise. partners in FAIR leverages its network of prime movers to accelerate the wide-spread implementation of FAIR.


was founded in January 2020 after years of collaboration on the development of practical and efficient methods of FAIRification and FAIR convergence. partners in FAIR helps to meet the growing demand for systematic approaches to data FAIRification, light-weight tooling to get the job done, and FAIR training programs to help data stewards sharpen their FAIR-related skills. partners in FAIR is proud to be a GO FAIR Foundation Pioneer Organization.

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what we offer

developing and delivering FAIR training courses
advising on the implementation of the FAIR principles
facilitating Metadata for Machines (M4M) workshops
facilitating FAIR Implementation Profile (FIP) workshops
facilitating M4M/FIP Train-the-Trainer (T3) programs
assisting projects and organizations

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